Setting up Server on AWS

Here are the steps to setup a server on AWS (Amazon Web Sevices) Cloud in case if anybody wants to run quick experiments such as deploying an app and test or test nginx proxying, rewrites, etc. This used to be simple with AWS EC2 Classic, but with VPC it isn’t straight forward and hence this post may be helpful.

  1. Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), if you don’t have a VPC already.
  2. Create a Subnet within above VPC.
  3. Create an EC2 server with public IP and/or public DNS inside above Subnet.
  4. Open related ports in the Security Group of the EC2 server such as 22, 80, 443 for clients.
  5. Attach an Internet Gateway (IG) to the VPC and set route table of subnet to route external traffic ( to/from IG.

Now you are all set to deploy apps and test!